The Acorn Users Group is one of many groups

participating in the

RSA Labs' 72bit RC5 Encryption Challenge,
and the
OGR-25, OGR-26 and OGR-27 Optimal Golomb Ruler challenges

I have created a few pages to present graphs showing
how well we are performing in comparison with other teams.

RC5-72 Graphs
OGR-25 Graphs
OGR-26 Graphs
OGR-27 Graphs

(Project started 03/12/2002)

(Project started 02/08/2000)
(Project completed 25/10/2008)

(Project started 26/10/2008)
(Project completed 24/02/2009)

(Project started 24/02/2009)

If you have arrived at this page by accident and want to know more,
here are links to pages giving details of the projects

RC5 Wikipedia
OGR Wikipedia

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