Choosing a personal weather station

wind instrument

You will find comments on various hardware at

These could help you decide which equipment to purchase.

Wired or wireless?

Wired - requires more work initially installing the system.

Wireless - could be prone to interference, sensors may need their batteries replacing annually so you need to consider the siting of the instruments for easy access.

I opted for the wired system.

Why did I choose 1-wire?

These devices can be added to bit by bit.
There is no need to purchase or install all the instruments in one go.


Once you've decided on the hardware, unless it comes as a package with its own software,
you need to look at which software you can use to log and display the data produced.

You may need to go back and look at other hardware options if (for whatever reason) the you don't like the software choices you've found.

Is it well supported, are there many users you could ask for advice, does it have good features, does it have the ability to automatically upload data to websites?

I chose Weather Display. Available as a 30 day free trial version. Purchase a lifetime licence for US$73.